Welcome to the Clientele App user guide for chat messaging. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of using the chat feature within the Clientele App for efficient and effective communication with your contacts.

With our peer-to-peer chat functionality, you can engage in direct and focused conversations, ensuring your interactions remain on point. The inclusion of real-time notifications further enhances your communication experience, helping you and your contacts stay responsive during your chat sessions.

Let's get started with the Clientele App's chat messaging features, ensuring you can connect and communicate effortlessly with your contacts.

Start a new chat 

  1. Navigate to the Chat Section: Once logged in, locate the chat section within the Clientele app. This can be identified by an e icon conveniently positioned on the right side of the page. Alternatively, you can opt for the left side navigation bar, where you'll find a dedicated 'Chat' option – click it to proceed.  
  2. Discover Your Contacts: To commence a chat, you'll need to connect with the person you wish to communicate with. Navigate to the 'Contacts' section, where you can effortlessly search for the peer you wish to communicate with.  
  3. Craft Your Message: With the chat window before you, unleash your thoughts by composing a message.  
  4. Hit 'Send' and Engage: Once satisfied with your message, hit the 'Send' button. Your message is now on its way. Await a response, and keep an eye on the chat for any incoming messages. The real-time nature of Clientele ensures that your conversations flow seamlessly.  


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