Welcome to the Clientele App user guide for sharing a document. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of sharing a document feature within the Clientele App for efficient and effective communication with your various clients.

With this feature, users can share various types of important documents with clients. The inclusion of document-sharing features further enhances communication experience, helping clients to find critical documents on the portal when needed.

Let's get started with the Clientele App's Document-sharing features.

Start "Sharing a document": 

  1. Navigate to Document Management: Once logged in, locate the document management section within the Clientele app. You can opt for the left side navigation bar, where you'll find a dedicated 'Document Management' option – click it to proceed. 
  2. Navigate to the Create Folder:  Click on the "Create Folder" icon and then create a folder with the name of your choice in which you are going to store the valuable documents and hit the save button. 

  3. Navigate to Upload files: Click on the respective folder that you just created and then navigate to the "Upload files" icon and click it. Browse the files that you want to upload in this newly created folder and click on the open button. Finally, hit the upload file icon. In this way, you can upload multiple files in the same folder.

  4. Hit 'Share' to send the document: Once you uploaded the documents successfully, Click on the respective folder again to choose the documents that you want to share. Click on the "Actions" icon and choose "Share" option. Then you have to select the clients according to your needs and to whom you want to share that document. Then finally hit the "Save" button to share your document. 

In this way, the Clientele ensures the confidentiality of your documents and also ensures its uninterrupted flow. 

Let's incorporate the viewing aspect from the client's perspective and emphasize what makes our portal not only convenient for a client to locate the shared documents but also secure. 

  • View Shared Documents: Clients can access the shared documents through their secure portal on the Clientele App. Upon logging in, they can navigate to the designated section for shared documents.

  • Ease of Access: Clients can easily locate critical documents when needed, thanks to the organized structure of the shared documents within the app. They can quickly find and view the documents relevant to them, streamlining communication and collaboration between clients and users.

  • Security: Sharing documents through the Clientele App ensures the confidentiality and security of sensitive information. Clients can trust that their documents are protected within the app's secure environment, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

By providing clients with easy access to shared documents on a secure portal, the Clientele App enhances communication efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of document security and confidentiality.