Adding profile images is the simple secret sauce to making Clientele not just a data hub but a place where real connections happen effortlessly. It's about recognizing faces, creating a professional vibe, and building trust – all with just a click and a smile. 

While working together, having profile images helps everyone recognize each other quickly. It's like putting a name to a face. This visual hint makes discussions smoother and ensures that each client gets a prompt acknowledgment and feels part of the conversation. 

Adding a profile picture on Clientele is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to personalize your profile:

  • Navigate to My Account: Identify the profile section, symbolized by human shaped avatar/icon positioned on the right side of your dashboard. Click it to observe the ‘My Account’ from the populated dropdown options. Clicking ‘My account’ will open the door to your profile features and personalization options. 

  • Locate Profile Picture Section: Within the client details editing interface, this section is designated for your profile image. Here, you can locate option to select and upload a file from your local storage and set it as profile image,Or ,can choose from other available options like setting up a Gravatar. 

  • Select an image via 'Upload File' option: Simply click the "Upload file" option, and voila! Your computer's local folder magically appears, revealing all the images you have saved there. Now, it's as easy as selecting the image you want from your local collection. 
    If needed, you also have the option to adjust or crop the image to fit the profile picture dimensions.
    After making any necessary adjustments, save your changes by clicking "Save Changes" button. 

Quick glance: