Securing and validating your phone number on the Clientele app is an essential step to enhance the security of your account and ensure seamless communication. By verifying your phone number on the Clientele app, you not only increase the security of your account but also gain access to enhanced features and communication capabilities.

There's a comprehensive guide on how to verify your phone number: 

  1. Navigate to My Account: Identify the profile section, symbolized by either your profile image or an icon positioned on the right side of your dashboard. Click it to observe the ‘My Account’ from the populated dropdown options. Clicking ‘My account’ will open the door to your profile features and personalization options.

  2. Navigate to Personal Info: Find "Personal Info" on the next page in your profile settings. Start by clicking 'Personal Info' to get closure to the email verification process.  

  3. Enter Your Number: Enter your telephone number carefully into the assigned field. It's crucial to enter your mobile number accurately to make sure you receive the verification code successfully. Subsequently, start the verification process by clicking the ‘Verify’ button, thus initiating the validation sequence. 

  4. Receive Verification Code: Clientele shall send a verification code to the provided phone number through the medium of SMS. Carefully retrieve the code from your mobile device, as this numeric sequence is the essential authentication key for the verification process.

  5. Enter Verification Code: Input the received numeric code into the designated field on app. This step is needed for the confirmation of the association between the entered code and the assigned phone number, thereby validating your ownership of the provided contact information.

  6. Confirmation Message: Upon successful code entry, expect a confirmation message indicating the completion of the verification process.

  7. Save Settings: Save changes to solidify the verification, securing your account against any unauthorized access.

  8. Resend Code (if needed): In case you encounter any obstruction (like non-receival of the verification code), repeat the above steps again.

This verification process is integral to maintaining a trustworthy and secure digital presence within the Clientele community, fostering a safer and more reliable user experience, and hence is a must!

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