Welcome to the section where we will guide you with the email verification procedures. Here you will learn how the email-verification is done and also how to confirm and secure your email address within our platform effortlessly. 

Verifying your email within the Clientele app is crucial in solidifying the security architecture and operational robustness of your account. This not only keeps your online identity safe but also ensures your account works smoothly as intended in the app. 

Follow these simple steps to successfully verify your email and enjoy a seamless experience on the platform.

  1. Navigate to My Account: Identify the profile section, symbolized by either your profile image or an icon discreetly positioned on the right side of your dashboard. Click it to observe the ‘My Account’ from the populated dropdown options. Clicking 'My account' opens the door to your profile features and personalization options. 

  2. Navigate to Personal Info: Find "Personal Info" on the next page in your profile settings. Start by clicking 'Personal Info' to get closure to the email verification process. 

  3. Verify Email: Navigate to the 'Personal Info' section, observe the email address provided during the initial account creation. Subsequently, follow-up with the verification process by clicking the 'Verify' button positioned within the email field. This action will kickstart the authentication process to strengthen the link between your provided email and your Clientele account. 

  4. Check Your Inbox: The application will send a verification hyperlink to the email linked to your account. Navigate to your email inbox and look for the verification email originated from Clientele.

  5. Click the Verification Link: Upon clicking the verification link from the email, you instigate the confirmation process that the provided email address is both under your ownership and you possess valid credentials. This will not only just confirm your email but will also make sure it's really legit in the Clientele system. 

  6. Confirmation Message: Once you've clicked the link, return to the Clientele app. You should receive a confirmation message indicating that your email has been successfully verified.

By following these steps, you not only enhance the security of your Clientele account but also ensure that you receive important updates and notifications related to your account.

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