Welcome to the Clientele App user guide for engaging clients according to the latest customer behaviour research and best practices. In this guide, we will lead you through the ways to reach your clients on their preferred devices and messengers using the Clientele App and keeping track of all communications in one place. 

Clientele App allows you to contact your clients after adding them to the system. Check out How to add clients guide for steps to add clients. 

After a client added to your system you can:

Clientele App will broadcast this information as notifications which will be delivered to Mobile and Desktop devices the client uses using email, text messages, Push Notifications, WhatsApp and more. These commonly referred as Communication Channels. The notifications will inform the client of the updates and will allow to respond to the update directly from their preferred communication channel. Over time, the Clientele App learns the clients' preferences, facilitating more effective and personalized communication.

This approach does not required your clients to use Clientele App itself. It ensures that your clients can easily stay in touch with your business through their preferred devices and messaging apps.

Latest customer beheaviour research indicates that businesses with dedicated customer portals tend to perform better across a range of client metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), including:

Customer Satisfaction: Customer portals offer self-service options, access to information, and efficient issue resolution, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer Engagement: Portals encourage ongoing customer interactions, increasing overall engagement and fostering stronger customer relationships.

Customer Retention: By providing a centralized platform for customers, businesses can enhance client retention rates through improved communication and support.

Efficiency: Customer portals streamline processes, reduce manual interventions, and enhance operational efficiency.

Support Response Time: Quick access to resources and self-service options can lead to reduced support response times, improving customer experiences.

Cost Reduction: Self-service features and automated processes within customer portals can lead to significant cost savings.

Data and Insights: Customer portals provide valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and pain points, which can be used for data-driven decision-making.

Sales and Upselling: Customer portals can be used to cross-sell and upsell products or services to existing customers, boosting revenue.

Issue Resolution: The ability to log and track issues within a portal leads to faster and more efficient problem resolution.

User Adoption: Successfully driving users to utilize the customer portal is a metric in itself, indicating effective customer engagement.

Content Consumption: Monitoring what resources customers access within the portal can reveal what information is most valuable to them.

Feedback and Surveys: Gathering customer feedback and survey responses through the portal can lead to insights for continuous improvement.

Accessibility: Ensuring that the portal is accessible across different devices and platforms can improve the customer experience.

Security and Compliance: Meeting security and compliance standards through the portal can mitigate risks and liabilities.

Competitive Advantage: A well-implemented customer portal can set a business apart from its competitors and attract more clients.

Time-to-Resolution: Tracking the time it takes to resolve customer issues or inquiries through the portal can indicate operational efficiency.

Clientele App helps your business increasing number of clients using Clientele App as Customer Portal. It leverages Gradual Engagement mechanism to convert your clients to switch from notification based communication to direct use of the Clientele App to contact your business. 

In conclusion, the Clientele App empowers you to engage clients effectively on their preferred devices. With features such as messaging, document sharing, and content publishing, the app streamlines communication, ensuring clients stay connected via their chosen channels. Most importantly, Clientele App provides a gradual transition for clients to use Clientele Customer Portal App on their devices, enhancing engagement and competitiveness of your business.