Welcome to the Clientele App User Guide for Managing Clients. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the seamless process of adding and effectively managing your clients within the Clientele App.

When a new client is added to the system, they assume the role of a "Client" within the Clientele App. This specific role determines the functionality and access available to clients while using the application.

The Clientele App empowers you with precise control over user functionality through customizable roles and permissions. This feature allows you to fine-tune access to various functionalities to align with specific job requirements. If the need arises to apply a distinct set of permissions to a team member, you have the flexibility to achieve this by either creating a new custom role or directly assigning specific permissions to individual users.

Let's dive right in and explore the client creation process within the Clientele App, which will enable your team to effectively interact with your clients.

Add a new client

By default, only members with the Admin and Staff roles have the permissions to add clients. If necessary, permissions can be granted to other roles or individual team members.

  1. Click Add New Client button on Clients page: Head to the Clients page through the side navigation bar and click on the "+ New Client" button. A form modal will pop up, asking for some basic information to create a new client. It's as simple as that – just a few clicks, a bit of info, and you're ready to bring a new client onboard!

  1. Click “Save” to create a new client: After carefully entering all the necessary client details, wrap it up by clicking the "Save" button. This action will officially bring the client on board. Just hit "Save" and watch as your client becomes a part of your domain. Easy as a single click and your efforts come together effortlessly! 

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